Friday, December 12, 2014

^V^ alexlulu asked his fans 2 buy Skpetro @ 2.48 , it is now 2.18 n more downside 2 come ^V^

Crude oil closed @ usd 57 , Dow down 315 points .... u will see another big sell off on Monday , see ? As posted above , dont go against d wind , whoever ask u 2 buy on dip , is actually asking u 2 commit suicide .

Now u guys know Y I dun do average when bear arriving !?

I will show u guys how 2 survive n make big money from bear mkt !?

Of coz nobody can buy at lowest , I dunno where is d lowest but I am quite sure , d current index is not d lowest , ppl likes 2 say , no worry , buy now n keep 4 long term , well...if u can buy @ much cheaper price n if u know there is still room 4 bear 2 conquer , y buy now ?

D current bearish mkt is granting me another opportunity 2 show u guys how I survive n make money again like what I did in 1998 n 2008 crisis !? talk is easy but not many can prove it in practical !

Click d below link 2 c how I survive n made big bucks from 2008 crisis ^_-

U can see fun manager darlie singh is  running away from blogging after recommended buy on nishin , sona n sumatec , n oso alexlulu asking his fans 2 buy skpetro @ 2.48 last week .  they r keeping so quiet now .

Just stay away from stock mkt 4 d time being , enjoy yr foods or go 4  holidays ^_-

Friday, September 5, 2014




Excuse me dude...if u dun know English well, pls dun write in English , u can write in yr mother tongue oso ! but I am doubt u know yr mother tongue well ! LOL!

Once again..excuse me mr ben , not WE ALL! is YOU! OK ?

Ah ben called 2 buy SEAL @ 1.35 based on his charting , SEAL is now traded @ 1.15 ? how now ? cut loss n cabut ?

See d above attachments

He just posted in his blog telling d world " WE GOT CHEATED " ! who got cheated ? sorry definitely not us but all d ta losers like ben gan hl !

Hello...ben kor...I heard from u saying that yr technical analysis can times d entry n see d up trend come u can get cheated ? SEAL management only telling u their future prospect , fyi, technical analysis does not need fundamental data 2 do forecasting , so how on earth u can get cheated ? LOL!

Do u think u r making sense ?  Dont blame ppl if u r not capable !

So how now ? still believe technical analysis or tak ada akal method  can times d entry ? LOL!

Let me show u y we didnt get cheated >

FYI, I made a buy call on SEAL @ 0.53 on April this year , click here 2 c >

We FA is buy low sell high , ta losers r buy high sell low !

See d different  here ?  LOL!

Friday, August 29, 2014

^V^ SUPER INVESTOR MR KOON YEW YIN ,technical analysis makes him from HERO to ZERO ! Y ? ^V^


As known 2 u all, Mr Koon Yew Yin is a super investor in stock mkt ( that was b4 he uses technical analysis 4 his stock pick ) , he is not only super investor but oso a successful bizman , he has a KYY foundation scholarship fund 2 help those poor students .

B4 he came 2 know technical analysis ( tak ada akal method ) he has made A LOT from stock mkt , his FA approach is awesome till  I need 2 give him a dumb up !

Not so long ago , he adopted technical analysis or tak ada akal method , see d above attachments , based on his technical analysis method , he called buy on plantation stock @ CPO 2,750 4 months ago , CPO price is now traded below 2,000 n all CPO stocks hv been sky falling since d day he made that call .

See? how fool can it be !? even a super stock investor like KYY can  get caught n trap by using technical analysis , how about u ? LOL!

Conclusion.  No matter how smart u r. Once u adopted technical analysis,  it will turns u from genius to super fool! Lol!

D only thing can save his face now is his FA approach on Jtiasa n Mudajay , his Jtiasa n Mudajay will definitely bring him awesome returns in mid n long term , that is 4 sure !

I still respect Mr Koon 4 all his  good deeds  but will never agree with his technical analysis or tak ada akal method .

Show u another case ,  this guy is a small fly , his name is uncle ben ^_- I hv blogged his article up 2 weeks ago in here , click here 2 c >

Ah ben called 2 buy SEAL @ 1.35 based on his charting , SEAL is now traded below 1.20 ? how now ? cut loss n cabut ?

FYI, I made a buy call on SEAL @ 0.53 on April this year  , click here 2 c >

We FA is buy low sell high , ta losers r buy high sell low !

See d different  here ?  LOL!

Friday, July 18, 2014

^V^ TQ Mr dummy 4 promoting my blog n make me famous ^_- TQVM !LOL! ^V^


I just came across this cute blogger mr dummy , he is trying 2 promote my blog 4 me ^_- LOL!

From my fans feed back , u can see he get so frustrated after knowing his accusation on me failed speechlessly ^_-

Hello mr dummy , r u sugar boy of moolah or darlie ? sorry lo... I makes u guys disappointed again   , maaf yah ^_-

Btw... thanks 4 promoting my blog FOC , as at today, I hv about 3,600+ private blog members ,

 I think some of these members r recommended by u...LOL!

Hv a nice week end my dear dummy . 

Friday, May 30, 2014

^V^ based on technical analysis ,ah ben asked his fans 2 buy Multico @ 1.78 , Multico is now @ 1.46 ! LOL! ^V^


Dear all, another classical holland call by ta loser ah ben ,based on his technical analysis,  he asked his fans 2 buy in Multico @ 1.78 ,  Multico closed @ 1.46 today LOL!  ..see ? tak ada akal method is a "kiss of death " !

U can see very clearly here , from his track records, if he pick stock based on ta ..all gone holland , but if he uses FA , most of his picks DELIVERED !

But still he says ta is able 2 profits him ...ha ha , what a pity ! This stupid statement shouldn't come from ppl at his age .

Btw... ah chart keeping very quiet now, y ? cos he is waiting 4 his stocks 2 fly , most of his holding r now in red except one ^_-...

Trust me, once his Hxxxxx fly , he will surely blog , otherwise he will just keep quiet like what he did 2 MAS @ 1.08 n 0.32. LOL!

I read u like a book ah chart .... ^_-

Friday, May 2, 2014

^V^ WOWWW!?? ah chart make RM 500K from MAS @ RM 1.03 n RM 0.32 ! Awesome ! ^V^


Wowww... ah chart make so much from MAS in past 2 years , did he make RM 500K from MAS ? LOL!

Perhaps u shld look at how much he bot first ?

His first entry on 17 Oct 2012 , he bot @ RM 1.03 . ( see d above attachment )

His second entry on 14 Aug 2013 , entry price @ RM 0.32 ( see d attachment )

After that..MAS went all d way down 2 current level of RM 0.21 .So..did he really make RM 500K from MAS ? Ha need 2 ask ah kuai... u guys shld know lah...LOL!

FYI, he did not blog up any update on MAS after this , did he cut loss or still holding ? no one knows !

What u think ? RM 500 K loss or RM 500K profit ? LOL!

On 29 April 2014, he did his first blogging in year 2014 by telling d world he has bot in Hovid-wb @ RM 0.185 n Success @ 1.55  , but on 1 May 2014 ,  he came out with another blogging telling d world his holding cost 4 Hovid-wb is @ 0.174 ! OMG ! holding cost can be changed from time 2 time one meh ?

Fyi... see d above attachment , from 29 April to 30 April , d lowest price 4 Hovid -wb was 0.18 , how on earth he could get his Hovid-wb cost @ 0.174 ? can u tell me how  ?

D only explanation I can think of is : he is telling lie ! after seeing mkt coming down from sky , he  knew that  he has made a big mistake , so he quickly reduce its Hovid-wb cost by 10% down , but too bad... we know how 2 catch him .... he cant run away from our monitoring , GOTCHA ! LOL!

If u know this blogger well , check his previous postings , he can tell u super bear run today but within a week ,  he can come 2 tell u  n says " NO " it is super bull run now ! click here 2 c yrself >

Dear ah chart... mana lu nak lari ??? yr success is now 1.49 ..6 cts down from yr cost ! wanna 2 change yr holding cost again ? LOL!

Friday, March 14, 2014

^V^ ta loser ah bone called 2 buy Cresbld @ 1.55 n TRC @ 0.61 last week , Cresbld closed @ 1.32 n TRC closed @ 0.54 today , > 20% down ^V^


It has been long time I didnt post any ta 's holland call here main actor is ah bone , who is ah bone ? ah bone is ze moola's sugar boy , he was once attch me in mo mo cow blog ^_- Ha ha

See d above attachments , ta loser ah bone called 2 buy TRC @ 0.61 n Cresbld @ 1.55 last week ,  TRC closed @  0.545 n Cresbld closed @ 1.33 , LOL!

2 my understanding that technical analysis has a stop loss level ( cut loss ) , so how now ah bone ... did u trigger yr cut loss button on TRC n Cresbld ?

Y keeping so quiet like ah chart ??? LOL!

So...2 all ta losers out there , still think that ignoring technical analysis at my own risk ? LOL!

Btw, where is yr sugar daddy ze moola ? hurry ! seeks 4 his help now cos Samgoss is now eyeing on u liaooo ! LOL!